The Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) is leading the longest-running debt campaign in the world. As the world’s oldest debt-watch monitor and as the only coalition in the world working on the Philippines’ debt problem, FDC is globally recognized as an authoritative organization on debt issues, generating solidarity and support from various NGOs, churches and solidarity networks around the world. As the longest-running coalition in the Asia Pacific, FDC is likewise recognized as a symbolic leader of Asian campaigners. FDC’s leadership on the transnational scene has made it an important player in forming and leading the current transnational efforts to combat the blight that onerous debt casts on underdeveloped and developing societies–an issue that has global causes and that cannot be sufficiently addressed at the local level.

Kwentuhan, Kwentahan: An FDC Original Podcast

The podcast will be featuring different topics on debt, economy, social services, analysis on pandemic recovery, and as well as the key recommendations of FDC along with its members on the various challenges faced by the country. As the country is now sitting on a debt bomb, the podcast will invite experts and different sectoral groups to discuss their view, analysis and recommendations on their respective field and advocacies.

Alamin natin ang mga kwento sa mga bagay na may kwenta sa ating buhay. Let’s talk about the “whats” and the “whys” of economics from today’s headline and how it impacts our lives. In short, ano ang kwento sa mga bagay na may kwenta sa ating buhay?

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Debt and Economic Prospects of the Philippines and Negros Society Post Election
Rising Prices in a Comatose Economy: Makakatawid ba ang mga Pilipino?

China lockdowns may dent PHL manufacturing

Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) President Rene Ofreneo thinks the role of China as the “growth locomotive of Asia” has already been significantly diminished.

The Coalition

FDC is a nationwide multi-sectoral, non-sectarian and pluralist coalition conducting policy advocacy work and campaigns to realize a common framework and agenda for economic development.

Coalition Ethics

We come together in the belief that by working with each other and combining our strengths and efforts, we create a bigger impact in the pursuit of common aspirations and goals. 


The advocacy on “freedom from illegitimate debt” took shape within the atmosphere of activism nested in a dictator’s regime.


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