Economic Justice:  Debt, Tax Justice and Budget Advocacy

FDC urges the government to stop debt service payments to re-channel funds for economic recovery this Covid time.

By implementing a progressive taxation policies like tax on wealth, revenues will be generated to fund economic recovery this Covid time.

Resisting Privatization:  Defending our Rights to Public Services

Increasing trend in privatization of essential services results to bill shock for electricity and water rates.FDC wants to halt privatization of essential services thus the total revision of the Electric Power Industry Reform Act (EPIRA).

Women Empowerment & Gender Justice: Advancing Care Economy with Social Protection

FDC aims to ensure a gendered perspective and understanding of the Coalition’s Social Debt and Social wage campaign.

Advancing Alternatives: Building the People’s Economy

FDC aims to provide space for debates among the diverse sectors of society and to consolidate broader consensus under one common alternative framework that is founded on social and gender equality, sustainable development and climate justice. It builds a strong movement against neoliberalism.​