We come together in the belief that by working with each other and combining our strengths and efforts, we create a bigger impact in the pursuit of common aspirations and goals. We give utmost value to democratic processes in the Coalition. We respect the majority’s decision and recognize the importance of achieving unities and ironing out our differences.

We establish Coalition unities by building consensus or near-consensus through collective study of issues, discussion of ideas, and validation of unities and documentation of the same. We are expected to participate in the processes of building unities, argue our ideas strongly and clearly, persevere in identifying common grounds in analysis, positions, calls, plans and actions, and in formulating alternatives.

We recognize the differences among our ranks. We agree to discuss and try to resolve differences through open and healthy deliberations and debates when issues concerned are relevant to the Coalition’s work. We are not obliged to compromise our bottom line positions for the sake of unity but we are expected to be open to other views and be respectful towards differing opinions. When the Coalition reaches a decision, members of the Coalition are expected to respect the decision.

Our membership in Coalition signifies that we value and are committed to working together. This means sharing responsibilities and resources, and giving time and talents ensure the success of our common goals. At the same time we recognize and respect each member organization and individual’s right to independent initiatives and actions even on issues within the scope of the Coalition.

Knowing the value of combining strengths to be more effective in achieving common goals, as a Coalition we will also work with other individuals, formations and networks who share some of the Coalition’s unities.